No Hangover Wine & Self Care Rituals

Hi Friends! Check out what I’m into this week… xxoo

  • It’s no secret that I like my wine, it’s also no secret that I will go out of my way to avoid a hangover, which usually means that I don’t drink. This is partly because I hate feeling like shit, and partly because teaching yoga means that basically I’m a public speaker on display and that I have to be mentally, physically and emotionally “with-it” for most of the day-all things that do not go with being hungover. Anyway, I recently discovered natural wine, for those that aren’t familiar, it’s organic, has less sulfates and pesticides which means- less hangovers! Not to say you should drink the whole bottle (you will definitley still be hungover) but if you find yourself particularly susceptible to the dreaded hangover (also, why do they last for two days as I’ve gotten older?!) then totally check out the natural wine section next time you go to pick some up.

  • Let’s talk Self-Care! So self-care has become kind of a “buzzword” lately. There are multiple definitions, thoughts and forms of it. Personally, my definition is, “Learning how to be kind to yourself, forming a loving relationship with your body and soul and giving yourself what you need, as often as you can.” I have a post-it on my fridge that reads,

    “How do you want to feel? What do you need to do?”

    It’s my reminder to check in with myself and take what I need to feel good. That “thing” changes on the daily. Sometimes it’s a dinner with friends, sometimes it’s tea and an early bedtime. It all depends. Lately I’ve been going back to an old standby of epsom salt baths. This old school remedy helps to detox and relax and gives me amazing sleep. I like to add some essential oils, light some candles and put on music. Somehow this inexpensive act of self-care feels so indulgent. I’ve been looking forward to the evenings when I can take them. I encourage you to have your own post-it note somewhere as your reminder to spend some time on you. It makes such a difference.

  • I’m loving all of the “for women by women” brands popping up lately and loving that there’s a new market for natural period products. I recently discovered Food Period which focuses on helping women have healthy periods using the seed synching method (using seeds at specific points in your cycle to promote regular periods). I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had with irregular periods due to birth control, stress, hormonal issues, etc. Unfortunately they have been told that the answer is go back on hormonal birth control (or start it) or that basically there is no answer. This makes me furious that women are not given other alternatives, because they are out there. Food Period has a line of seed filled “moon bites” that you take daily (they lay out the instructions) to help bring on a healthy and regular cycle. This is an awesome new company, founded by women right here in NYC. If you have period issues, please check them out*!

  • This is not sponsored - in fact nothing I write about is, I post things because I believe in them and have personally used them*