Bone Broth & Hip Hop Yoga & Better Caffeine-ing

Welcome! Check out what I’m into this week:

  • The Wellness World is full of trendy “superfoods” that don’t always warrant the attention (I’m looking at you, celery juice) however, one of the oldest superfoods has come back in style and deservingly so. Bone broth is one the healthiest (and tastiest) foods out there. Packed with nutrients and collagen, it’s good for your gut, skin and wellbeing. Who isn’t comforted by a mug of bone broth? We’re not talking about the “broth” that comes in a box or a can, we’re talking about the good stuff. Steeped for hours, using real ingredients and grass fed bones (sorry my vegans, unfortunately there isn’t a great animal-free version). There have been a recent surge of bone broth pop-ups, but at $7 a cup, it’s not exactly affordable. You can also buy good quality broth at health food stores, but again… not exactly for the budget conscious. Bone broth is expensive because of the time it takes to make, the ingredients are cheap. So when I found myself at Whole Foods looking for broth after a recent episode of the stomach flu I couldn’t get myself to pay $10 for 10 ounces and instead checked out the freezer section in search of bones. Whadaya know? I found grass fed beef bones for $5 a pound. Yes, it took 24 hours, but I made my own broth that was way less cash than store bought, and even more delicious if I do say so myself. Making it at home cost about $6-$7 for 32 ounces. Check out the easiest recipe ever below. I make this every other week or so to sip on throughout the day.

    • Bone Broth:

      • 2 pounds grass fed beef bones

      • 1 small onion

      • 2 carrots, roughly chopped

      • 3 celery stalks, roughly chopped

      • splash of apple cider vinegar

      • bayleaf

      • sprinkle of sea salt and pepper

      • Optional* ginger, garlic, turmeric, dried hot pepper, etc

    • Preheat oven to 300 degrees, place bones, carrots and onion on a baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes.

    • Place roasted bones, carrots, onion with celery, ACV, bayleaf, S&P in a crockpot , fill to top with filtered water and set on low for 24 hours. Add more water if it evaporates.

    • After 24 hours (or longer) remove from heat, let cool. Strain out bones, etc and transfer broth to a large mixing bowl. Let sit in fridge until fat hardens. Skim fat and place broth in jars or containers. Keeps in the fridge for 4ish days, in the freezer pretty much forever.

    • I hear this is super easy in an instapot and takes even less time but my old school crockpot works fine.

    • Pro Tip* you can use each batch of bones twice- just repeat the steps above with fresh veggies. No need to roast the bones again.

  • Having creative yoga playlists is kind of my thing…. I’m one of those people that has trouble practicing to silence and even more trouble practicing to “yoga music.” I started teaching hip-hop yoga- don’t let the name fool you (this is regular yoga to hip-hop music) because I wanted to listen to hip-hop while I taught. Selfish? Yes. But it seems I’m not alone in this preference and my students like it too. Here’s a favorite if you like a little Rihanna with your vinyasa.

  • We’ve all got our vices, (yep, even health coaches) and coffee is one of mine that I find hard to cut back on. Notice I did not say quit…. there are countless studies that show organic coffee in moderation is actually great for your brain. My issue though is moderation. It’s a slippery slope for me, one cup turns into 4 real fast and before I know it I’m anxious and can’t sleep. The trick that I find works well is to have one or two cups of coffee and then switch to tea. I’ve been really into this Pu-erh Tea, did I mention it’s chocolate? Tea has it’s own health benefits and especially Pu-erh, so I don’t feel too deprived without that 3rd cup of espresso. It’s available on Thrive Market - which is also amazing for finding all sorts of tea, supplements, almond butter, etc. If you haven’t gotten on that trend- it’s another that makes being healthy a lot easier and cheaper…. here’s 25% your first order!