Veggies Delivered & Int'l Women's Day

Hi Friends!

Welcome to The Weekly- check out the things I’m loving this week…

  • MisFits Market does not sponsor me (but I wish they would!) because I’m in love. I’ll admit that I was hesitant to sign up for a produce delivery service, I did the CSA thing and did not love it. I like to be in control of my produce, I want to know what’s coming so I can plan and so my tastebuds have time to prepare ( ok, I’ve got a little control freak in me). However- once I learned that MisFits uses “ugly” produce that would’ve been thrown out anyway and that they make it affordable AND convenient, I was out of reasons to not try them. You know that feeling on Christmas Eve, or right before a second date (after the first went great) or the night before an epic vacation? I get to have that feeling every week and it’s amazing. MisFits lets you choose your delivery day, box size and even includes recipes. Having a new box of surprise veggies arrive at my door has helped me get creative with new meals, I eat a better variety and I get to feel good about “saving” veggies. Also- these veggies are not even ugly- which just shows how picky we’ve all gotten about wanting our food to look a certain way. If you want to experience the pure joy of MisFits, they’re offering you 25% off your first order. It’s like your favorite holiday, vacation and person rolled into one.

  • I did a corporate wellness workshop this week on Sneaky Sugars - spoiler alert- they’re EVERYWHERE! We learned how to spot them, how to avoid them, what to choose instead… so in the spirit of “less is more” when it comes to sugar, below is my go-to breakfast recipe that basically makes itself, keeps you full and has no added sugar:

    • Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

      -2 tablespoons chia seeds

      -1/2 cup milk of choice (use yogurt if you like it extra thick)

      -1/2 teaspoon vanilla

      Combine in a bowl (or mason jar for breakfast on-the-go) and top with berries and walnuts (or whatever you like).

  • Last week was International Women’s Day but I’m celebrating all month (actually let’s make every month International Women’s Month AND Black History Month) and I’ve been playing this playlist in my yoga classes as a part of the celebration… hopefully you’ll dance around or do yoga to it too… enjoy!